How do you produce your carbon fiber products?

Normally we use pre-preg carbon and bake it with vacuum bag. Some products require special compound of resin, so we make custom pre-preg. Other products require more pressure and we use hydraulic press in the production process. In other words we use the technology that gives us the best result.

Why don't you use autoclave?

Autoclave is not suitable for mass production. We use autoclave if we need new mold or we have order for some aviation equipment. We may make any product with autoclave but that would simpy add a "0" to the end of the price.

Do you use fiberglass?

Using fiberglass instead of carbon fiber will make product more heavy and less strong. Fiberglass allows you to save production costs, but any professional will easily find out what is inside in real. If we use fiberglass we show it in product description. If we mark our product as 100% CF - you will not find anything else except genuine carbon fiber.